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22 Jun 2014

A failure to report

If you happened to attend the Maui's dolphin protest yesterday in Tauranga and then tune into the news @ 6 O'Clock on channel One last night you may have been disappointed that it wasn't reported on.

The NZ Herald also failed to inform the general public about the large protest in today's publication. Strangely they do have an article online that was published yesterday:

Hundreds of angry protesters have closed a section of Devonport Rd as they marched to Energy and Resources Minister Simon Bridges' office this morning.

They chanted "Simon Bridges, what do we say? Save our Mauis, save them today" and "Simon says drill, we say no, save our Maui dolphins, bro".

These concerned citizens gathered in their hundreds to make it known to the government that oil exploration and drilling in the habitat of the endangered Maui's dolphins is not acceptable.

With 79% of those polled thinking Simon Bridges' decision is disgusting and that no marine sanctuary should be opened up for oil exploration, this is clearly a topical issue that should have had proper coverage.

In contrast to that failure to report on the Maui's dolphin protest One News did report on a much smaller protest that occurred in Auckland concerning an alcohol outlet being allowed opposite a school.

One can only assume that TVNZ made a conscious decision to not report on the larger Maui's dolphin protest because it made the government and more specifically Simon Bridges look bad.

This is but one example of many that our mainstream media is biased in favour of protecting the current defunct government. They are essentially trying to chose who wins the next election.

Unfortunately without proper coverage of these important issues we cannot hope to have a proper contest of ideas leading up to the next election. We cannot therefore hope to have a functioning democracy under a corporatised media that fails in its duty to properly inform the public.

H/T Porcupine Farm