Newshub hypocrisy over dirty deals | The Jackal

28 Jul 2017

Newshub hypocrisy over dirty deals

There can be no question that the mainstream media and how they report helps people choose who to vote for, and to some degree has determined the last few elections in New Zealand.

Often referred to as the fourth estate, journalism is vitally important to a functioning democracy. That’s why it’s concerning to once again see the ugly face of hypocrisy and bias raise its ugly head above the political parapet in the lead up to this years election.

On Wednesday, Newshub reported:

National confirms electorate deals

National has committed to its usual electorate deals with ACT and United Future at this year's election, but Prime Minister Bill English doesn't think the Māori Party needs their help.

Mr English encouraged National supporters in Auckland's Epsom electorate to give their electorate vote to ACT candidate David Seymour, and in Wellington's Ōhāriu to United Future's Peter Dunne, and their party vote to National.

Isn’t that just lovely then. Nothing to see, just move along. Not one mention of a dirty or grubby deal anywhere.

Let’s contrast that far too reasonable and sanitised piece that makes National out to be squeaky clean with Newshub's reporting on the Green’s and Labour deal for Ōhāriu.

In February, Newshub reported:

Patrick Gower: Labour-Greens do double dirty deal in Ōhāriu

Labour and the Greens have just done the dirtiest electorate deal in New Zealand political history - and it is all about destroying Peter Dunne.

The tree-hugging Greens will not stand in Ōhāriu to help the gun-toting former cop Greg O'Connor win the seat for Labour.

This could be the end of Dunne. And that is worth a double dirty deal for Labour and the Greens.

Wow! A double dirty deal no less. But according to Newshub, the National party doing essentially exactly the same thing is just fine.

Obviously not wanting to recall the past, they couldn’t even bring themselves to mention John Key’s disastrous cup of tea with the discredited John Banks.

It’s OK for Patrick Gower and crew to be opinionated, but when they’re this biased in favour of the National party you know the fourth estate and the principles it should stand for are in decline.