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12 Jul 2017

Nationals road to nowhere

Road closures in New Zealand are an ongoing problem, a problem that’s increasing because of heavier rainfall and a lack of proper planning and investment by the current government.

Being that National love the oil industry, you would expect them to be proactive when it comes to sorting our roads out, but unfortunately that’s not the case.

Today, Stuff reported:

Politicians quibble about best solution to Manawatu Gorge closure

Palmerston North MP Iain Lees-Galloway said he wanted an alternative route built, but believed the Government's roads of national significance policy had prevented the investment.

But National's candidate for Palmerston North, Adrienne Pierce, said pointing the finger at the current Government was wrong, as the gorge had been unstable for decades.

Even though National has been in power for the last nine years, they still blame previous government’s for their inaction.

This is particularly ridiculous when you consider the fact that a New Zealand Transport Agency report was finished soon after the 2012 slip, and the government did nothing to act on its recommendations.

"We are dealing with Mother Nature here, so what is the answer to that?"

The answer is planning and investment where it’s needed and always has been. The fact that National has failed miserably at both throughout New Zealand should be a wake up call for voters this coming election.