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16 Jul 2014

National not tough on crime

We all know getting tough on crime is a vote winner in New Zealand. That's why political parties often come up with new and sometimes illogical ways to combat crime.

Over the last few years, the National party has used an apparent reduction in the rate of many crimes to grandstand about their governance, often referencing burglary statistics.

However, today the NZ Herald reported:

A review of the burglaries recoded between June 2009 and May 2012 found about 700 burglaries were recoded and of those 70 per cent should have remained as burglaries.

What a huge amount of reclassification in order to try and hide the true extent of burglary crimes. The only plausible explanation for the police altering crime stats to this extent is to make the government of the day look good.

That's not the only potential problem though, with the Herald also reporting:

The Criminal Bar Association fears police manipulation of crime statistics is more widespread than the public has been led to believe.

President Tony Bouchier said he had no faith in police assurances that mistakes relating to the coding of South Auckland burglary stats were isolated and had now been rectified.

Not only were there question marks over statistics, but also charging practices, he said.

"Everyone in the whole justice sector - whether it's the Crown, legal aid, the courts, police - is being starved of money. A very good way of reducing crime is that you just don't arrest people."

That being the case, how can the more conservative voters amongst us be assured the National led government is being tough on crime? The simple answer is they cannot!

It appears the current government has not only instructed the police to misreport on the amount of burglary crimes being reported, but they've also been cutting funding in order to reduce the overall amount of crimes being investigated and prosecuted.

That would mean, despite their continued grandstanding, the National led government is manipulating the system so it looks like they're being tough on crime, when in reality National is allowing crime to worsen.

This fact is made all the worse when you consider National's social policy direction, which is creating more hardship and consequently more domestic violence related crime to occur.

So if you want a government that's soft on crime and is determined to create more social dysfunction just to save a few bucks, then vote for National. Otherwise I would suggest a more honest and progressive party deserves your votes.