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22 Jul 2014

John Key weak on Gaza

If you're not aware of the situation in Gaza whereby the Israelis are murdering innocent civilians, many of them women and children, then you bloody well should be. The Zionist's attacking Gaza is the biggest story going, with every news agency worth their salt reporting on the conflict.

It seems strange then that the Prime Minister of New Zealand hasn't been interviewed properly about the situation. Usually the media is falling all over themselves to get John Key's opinion on just about everything. So why hasn't any journalist asked the National party leader what he really thinks about the Gaza conflict?

When Amnesty International reported last week:

“Deliberately attacking a civilian home is a war crime, and the overwhelming scale of destruction of civilian homes, in some cases with entire families inside them, points to a distressing pattern of repeated violations of the laws of war,” said Philip Luther.

The Israeli authorities have not provided information on specific cases to justify such attacks. Unless they can do so, any such attacks constitute war crimes and amount to collective punishment.

John Key can be excused for not saying anything about the carnage in Gaza because he was still on holiday in Hawaii with his family.

On Sunday, 3 News reported:

Prime Minister John Key says the situation in the Middle East is very complex and requires a diplomatic solution.

Reprisal killings and the significant military action by Israel in Gaza are leading to a further escalation of the situation and further entrenchment of positions, Mr Key says.
"I think that's a very unhealthy situation," he told reporters today.

The government was concerned about the situation, he said.

"There are a multitude of very complex relationships in the Middle East, and I think in the end the only way through is a diplomatic solution," he said.

"We have to get back around the negotiating table."

Doesn't Key seem overly relaxed about the situation? Perhaps he didn't realise that the Israelis had dismissed any and all requests to negotiate a ceasefire.

At least he said something though, unlike when the United Nations reported yesterday:

The Security Council on Sunday called for an immediate ceasefire in Gaza, as Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon met with Qatar's Emir Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad al-Thani and Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas in Doha, the first leg of a Middle East tour which aims to end the conflict.

Following a late-night closed-door meeting, Ambassador Eugene Richard Gasana of Rwanda, which holds the Security Council's rotating presidency for July, told reporters that the Council had a “sober” meeting given the seriousness of the situation.

In elements to the press, Mr. Gasana said the members of the Council called for an immediate ceasefire and respect of international humanitarian law, including the protection of civilians.

...Key basically went into hiding. While other countries are starting to respond appropriately, the National led government is failing.

Today, the Daily Mail reported:

During a statement from David Cameron on the crisis, Mr Hain told the Prime Minister: "Surely friends of Israel like you and I have a duty at this time to speak the truth.

"These attacks, despite the horrendous rocket assault on Israel, despite that, and the extremism of Hamas, these attacks are not proportionate - in any other conflict they would be described as war crimes.

"That is the truth.

"And the problem also is there is no end in sight to this.

Clearly other politicians recognize the serious situation for what it is, ethnic cleansing.

Also today, One News reported:

The Prime Minister says New Zealand is deeply concerned about what is taking place in the Gaza Strip.

John Key says he's particularly concerned about the recent escalation in deadly violence.

What a weak excuse for a Prime Minister.

Despite there being clear evidence that Israel is committing war crimes in Gaza, John Key has not spoken out against the perpetrators, the Israelis.

Perhaps that's because he's determined to protect Israel. After all he re-opened their embassy here in Gods own. He also helped cover-up the Mossad spies who were found to be operating in Christchurch, one of whom was killed in the earthquakes.

So where do his loyalties lie exactly and will a reporter dare to ask?