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25 May 2013

Lockwood leech

Yesterday, the NZ Herald reported:

Labour's foreign affairs spokesman Phil Goff said New Zealand taxpayers should not have to fork out $7500 a week to pay for alternative premises for the High Commissioner while the official residence remains empty.

"Foreign Affairs has just been savagely restructured, with staff being made redundant and allowances slashed to save money.

"There will need to be very good reasons why $390,000 a year is being spent on alternative High Commission accommodation. That sum would cover the annual salaries of more than five Ministry staff."

Imagine how many children could be fed at school for $390,000 per year.

Mr Goff has called on Foreign Affairs Minister Murray McCully to say why the money is being spent.

Perhaps I can answer that question; the exorbitant amount of money being spent on Lockwwod Smith's accomodation is because he's in the old boys club.

Meanwhile back in New Zealand government policy continues to cause poverty to increase. Clearly social responsibility is a foreign concept to National, with John Key claiming the government cannot afford to ensure poor kids have enough to eat at the same time $7500 taxpayers dollars are being spent each week on rent for one of his mates.

While many thousands of children don't have enough sustenance to reach their full potential and the elderly are freezing because they cannot afford to heat their homes properly, all Lockwood leech has to do is smooze with other elitists. The very high and mighty commissioner gets to drink the finest wine and eat the best foods public money can buy while New Zealand becomes even more unequal and impoverished.

Let's hope that the next government will ensure such gluttony by public officials doesn’t continue to deprive the poor of the basic necessities of life.