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24 May 2013

Horrible slug!

In yet another inaccurate blog post by Cameron Slater, he asks:

What has been the most hilarious reaction to the IPCA Operation 8 report?

In my opinion, the reaction on Whale Oil Beef Hooked is the most laughable excuse for blogging I've read in a long time. The ever deluded Slater bleats:

And how about the most tragic aspects?

Our media buried the fact that the IPCA said the raids were justified.

Bzzt Wrong! The Independent Police Conduct Authority said the raids weren't lawfully conducted, which is a far more serious story to write about. Thie finding was a surprise being that the IPCA usually backs Police behaviour no matter what.

It's also a surprise that no police officer will be charged for their unlawful conduct during the raids and that this aspect of the sorry debacle hasn't been properly covered by our mainstream media.

As Bomber Bradbury succinctly points out:

There is clearly discrimination in this case, and such racism that is endemic within the Police force should in my opinion be the focus of any future investigation into the matter.

Media also failed to show the Police footage of the military camps.

Bzzt Wrong again blubber boy... On Tuesday 3 News reported a still image from a video shown in court last year as evidence of military-style training camps.

What the media did fail to show was the image of a police officer decked out in full combat gear, carrying an M-16 and harassing children on a bus.

The so-called Independent Police Conduct Authority claim the Police didn't stop and search a kōhanga reo bus full of young children as was reported in the media at the time. Conveniently for them the image of the police officer on board a kōhanga reo bus has disappeared from the Internet.

And perhaps most tragic of all – the media don’t even ask those involved why they were in the bush with rifles, playing at being soldiers and throwing Molotov cocktails.

Bzzt wrong yet again oh most ludicrous one. The media and the police have both extensively asked the accused why they were in the bush with guns and the answer has always been the same... they were training to survive in the bush. This is more commonly known as bush craft or hunting, which incidentally Slater often enjoys without police harrasement.

Now the left wing are using this report to attack the government…do we have to remind them that these raid occurred in 2007 under the rule of Helen Clark, with Annette King as Police Minister.

It's the current government that is responsible for fixing the problem, which by all accounts still exists within the Police force. Unfortunately there doesn't appear to be any impetus by National to even look at why the Police acted unlawfully, let alone fix the problem or make amends for the harm its caused.

Why haven’t the media asked Annette King for comments about the raids? Why haven’t they asked Helen Clark?

Except the media has asked Annette King to comment on the IPCA's findings. In fact there has been a number of interviews given, which any blogger with half a brain should have been aware of if they wanted to be taken seriously. Here's what she said:

I can assure your listening public that I had no knowledge of how they were being carried out.

Now we know how they were, we know what the recommendations are, and I'm interested in ensuring that, if I was in that position again, it would not happen again.

So all in all a complete brain fart from Cameron Slater, one of his best yet.