Pay equality would boost GDP | The Jackal

30 Nov 2011

Pay equality would boost GDP

Today, Voxy reported Gillard pledge offers 'catch up' challenge to NZ

"We also have a big pay equity problem in New Zealand. While the national average gender pay gap is 12 percent, nearly a third of government departments have gender pay gaps above 20 percent and in one, the New Zealand Defence Force, it is nearly 39 percent, says Brenda Pilott.

"These are shameful statistics given that 59 percent of New Zealand's public service workers are women.

"In April, Finance Minister Bill English boasted that New Zealand's low wages helped it compete with Australia, but this doesn't stand up to scrutiny.

"A recent report from Goldman Sachs estimates that closing the pay gap between men and women in New Zealand would boost New Zealand's GDP by 10 percent.

Wow! 10% boost to our GDP... what is National waiting for? Oh! That's right... some female MP's.