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25 Sep 2011

National Flouts the Law

David Farrar and Cameron Slater have been tediously going on and on about Labour putting some election signs up around the place. What they're failing to understand is that National is doing the exact same thing.

It's a bit rich of the right wing sycophants to point their chubby little fingers and jump up and down while not acknowledging that National is breaking the law as well.

Apparently election signs are allowed up from 12.00am tomorrow, which is two calendar months prior to the 26 November general election. Signs up around Auckland today breach the Electoral (Advertisements of a Specified Kind) Regulations 2005 bylaw.

Farrar and Slater are simply copying a post written today by Orakei Councillor, Cameron Brewer, who is also ignoring the fact that National has put up signs in breach of the Electoral Regulations 2005 bylaw. Brewer writes:
"The Mayor needs to tell his colleagues in the Labour Party to pull their heads in. Auckland residents and ratepayers deserve better. They have spent over $100m on this tournament and ensuring Auckland looks great.”

Perhaps Brewer et al should check with their "colleagues" in the National party and advise that they pull their heads in as well. The sheer hypocrisy of these RWNJ's is unbelievable! Slater even quotes the law:
221B Dis­play of adver­tise­ment of a spec­i­fied kind
(1) During the period begin­ning 2 months before polling day and end­ing with the close of the day before polling day, the dis­play of an adver­tise­ment of a spec­i­fied kind is not sub­ject to -

(a) any pro­hi­bi­tion or restric­tion imposed in any other enact­ment or bylaw, or imposed by any local author­ity, that applies in rela­tion to the period when an adver­tise­ment of a specified kind may be dis­played; or

(b) any pro­hi­bi­tion or restric­tion imposed in any bylaw, or imposed by any local author­ity, that applies in rela­tion to the con­tent or lan­guage used in an adver­tise­ment of a spec­i­fied kind.
Slater goes on and on about the law only applying to Labour, and that the Auckland City Council’s senior lawyer Wendy Brandon's advise on Tuesday does not apply to National. He's even been trying and failing to give Trevor Mallard a hard time on twitter... What a douche bag!

People annoyed by signs up ille­gally today, can report them to the coun­cil by phon­ing (09) 301‑0101.