Defaming David Farrar | The Jackal

19 Sep 2011

Defaming David Farrar

David Farrar must have a very low sense of self worth if he values his integrity so poorly... He defines the reason for not taking defamation cases against his many detractors because he perceives them to be without credibility. It's a weak argument at best. Farrar doesn't take defamation cases because he knows he would lose.

Like most of his musings, it's as ludicrous as throwing the defamation word around in a futile attempt to score cheap blogosphere points. The increasingly irrelevant Farrar writes:
I don’t think it is game on, but generally you don’t want people running to the courts over a flame war. Hell I could have sued a number of blogs for defamation over comments they have made about me – especially those seeking to attack my business. But at the end of the day most of those making the defamatory comments have so little credibility it is hard to imagine it being worthwhile.
David Farrar does a pretty good job of defaming himself already. His little pea brain is so full of contradictions and right wing rubbish that the self loathing oozing out of him is plain for all to see. What the little bigot fails to understand is that the rules are about to change and he will soon be responsible for all those vial comments on his Kiwibog.

I believe the Press Council will soon have blogs within their jurisdiction. That means blogs like this one by Cameron Slater will have a process for formal complaint. In the mean time, I'm going to keep defaming David Farrar at every opportunity, mainly because I know he's a complete coward and wont defend his integrity in the least... that's because he has none.